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Join thousands of Australians who are losing weight and keeping it off.
    • With over 1000 weight loss customers, Macquarie Health’s Hospitals & Doctors, provide the expertise in helping Obese clients access weight loss solutions, reduce their weight, improving their quality of life

    • Check your Body Mass Index (BMI) in the table, if you’re in the yellow zone you’re considered overweight and in the red zone is obese.

    • If you’re obese you are at high risk of infertility, heart disease, and diabetes.

Weight loss solutions available from our Consulting Doctors


Bariatric Surgery on average delivers helps our patients lose up to 25% of their body weight after 12 Months. 

If your BMI is >30, Bariatric surgery is the most effective long-term treatment for severe obesity. Some weight regain (on average 5–10% at 10 years) is expected in the longer term.*


Self funded surgery packages including Pre and Post Operative Care, Doctors Fees, Surgery and Hospital Care start from $15,700 for a Bariatric Sleeve Procedure at one of our Sydney Hospitals.


Clients experience an average weight loss of around 4-6% of your total body weight over 12 months. 

If your BMI is between 25-29 you could consider using Injections like Ozempic are referred to medically as Pharmacotherapy. Injections must be used in addition to behavioural interventions like lowering calorie intake to have any positive impact. 


Injections are paid for monthly and clients must take injections ongoing, so this can become very costly. 


Gastrointestinal devices are a relatively new weight loss therapy and an emerging field of research. One of the first such procedures was the gastric balloon but this needs to be removed after 6 months (after which weight regain usually occurs).

Obesity is a disease, not a choice

Our carefully developed program offers the most effective way to help you achieve your weight loss goal. We don’t just ‘do surgery’ or offer ‘non-surgical treatments’ - rather our focus is on helping our patients lose as much weight as possible, improve their health, and get their lives back.

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